the church i grew up in, before hippy liberal inner-city catholic church, has gone through a massive transformation on the inside. I almost didn’t recognize it from pictures. There used to be a life-size statue of mary in the center behind the altar, with the presider’s chair and two others in front of it. There were flowers everywhere and the tabernacle was to the side. It wasn’t really a problem because the church wasn’t huge. But man, does that church look really empty with no Mary taking up most of the altar.

thanksgivingwaves a dit : In high school, I had a job that paid me $7.50 an hour (like 40 cents more than minimum wage at the time) to babysit/tutor TRIPLETS. It was literally $2.50/child/hr. -_-

ughhhhh. Child studies professors have told us repeatedly that childcare is super expensive, but most of the professional childcare facilities pay their workers minimum wage…to look after 15 or so kids at a time. It’s such a devaluation of caring for children (and the work women do)

I talked to @saintthecla and my meditation group about it and I ended up telling the professor and his wife that the average is between 13-15 for someone over 18, with some training (thank the autism school for that!), and for taking care of a little baby.

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