ek-phrasis asked:

Is your girlfriend/partners name Idgie or is that an acronym or something? I have seen it so often that I have forgotten the truth lol

I felt weird using her real name on the interwebs, so I took “Idgie” from Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe since that book gave me so many southern religious gay feelings. Also, she has blonde curly hair and I have brown hair so the Ruth/Idgie names fit

I have a lot of ~feelings~ because it kind of reads to me as “we love each other and share our lives but NO HOMO.” At the same time I can’t coherently put my thoughts together. Is it just me?

ETA: This article is from 2001! I was googling “Boston Marriage” after reading about Radclyffe Hall and this popped up.so it’s not a current article but it sure seems like it

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